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M-061 Diamond drill bit, corn, blue, medium 12 mm


Milling cutters for manicure mART will help you accurately and quickly perform a manicure.

Diamond milling cutters of «mART» company are produced in Korea according to advanced production technologies, they are of high quality and reasonable price.

Characteristics of mART diamond cutters:

  • High quality diamond coating;
  • Withstand dry heat treatment;
  • Will not rust when sterilized.


  • Head Diameter: 4.2mm;
  • Head length: 12mm;
  • Shank length: 32 mm.

Shape: corn

Notch : blue

Nozzle with a red notch - a soft cutter for working with the skin and the nail plate. Used to work with pterygium and lateral sinuses.

The nozzle with a blue notch is of medium hardness for working with external areas of the skin, but it cannot be used to treat the nail plate.

Disinfect, clean and sterilize diamond nozzles after each use: to do this, dip the nozzle into a disinfectant solution in a special container or ultrasonic cleaner, then rinse with cold water, clean with a brush, dry heat or ultrasonic sterilizer

M-061 Diamond drill bit, corn, blue, medium 12 mm

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