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Our Story

Welcome to our website!


Thank you for visiting us, we hope we can make your experience not only worthwhile but also enjoyable.

A little about us:

We are a mother and son duo, having arrived from Ukraine to Melbourne, Australia in 2010, fast forward to 2018, working as a manicure professional Olena had an idea to sell some tools of her own, and hence, Health & Beauty Tools was born. Maksym and Olena have been working on the business ever since. Olena is the CEO and Maksym is the CMO and CTO.


Health and Beauty Tools is a young business with a big future ahead.


We are in partnership with Staleks, a Ukrainian Beauty Tools Manufacturer an established leader within the industry, who have more than 30 years of success under their belt. 

All Staleks products are designed to with stand treatment by strong disinfectant chemicals and procedures as well as Autoclave.

Staleks operates a modern full-cycle fabrication facility, where production processes span from preparation of metal bars to packaging of ready product. The manufacturing facility is equipped with hi-tech machinery by leading American, German, Italian and Japanese brands. Use of the state of the art equipment guarantees ultimate product quality and eases even the most challenging technological tasks.


Furthermore, certain machines and equipment are designed within the company and manufactured either in the Staleks workshop or as a custom order by our overseas partners. Staleks manufacturing facilities have over 1700 machines in 13 production units.

Our vision is to bring these high quality Staleks products from Europe to Australia, where hopefully, you, our customers and friends will see the value in them, and try them out for yourselves, ultimately we believe every serious manicure and pedicure professional in the world will be using Staleks products to do their work.

We believe that these tools will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your services, we also believe that you will find them to be great value for money and will be happy with your investment.


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