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BR 15  Gel Polish 7 ml

Gel polish № 15 BR, 7 ml

The basic collection of gel polishes by the popular international brand Kodi Professional is rightfully considered one of the most successful incarnations of the best manicure traditions. In combination with innovative technologies, this allows us to create a truly high-quality and functional product. All gel polishes are combined into thematic series according to the principle of color affinity for easy shade selection. The Bright series includes the most pigmented and vibrant colors for bold and eye-catching designs.

Gel polish No.15 BR is a rich neon pink with a bold character and impeccable lasting property.


We recommend even coating with 2 thin layers with polymerization for 120 seconds in a UV lamp or 60 seconds in a LED lamp.


BR 15 Gel Polish 7 ml

В наличии всего: 6 шт.

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