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BW 10  Gel Polish  7 ml

Coating nails with gel polish is an ideal solution for a flawless look of nails for a long time. KODI PROFESSIONAL monitors the global achievements of the industry and updates the main collection of gel polishes in accordance with the latest trends.

Basic Collection is 170 of the most relevant shades demanded by masters, grouped by color series. The main advantage of the new collection is the dense color in two layers of application. Gel polishes do not streak or spread, and most importantly, even when applying highly pigmented shades after polymerization, the top brush remains clean.

Gel polish No. 10 BW (BLACK & WHITE series) has an enamel texture, color is white. Even coating with two thin layers is recommended with polymerization of each layer in an UV lamp for 2 minutes or in a LED lamp for 30 seconds.


BW 10 Gel Polish 7 ml

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