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P 110  Gel Polish   7 ml

Responding to customer requests, KODI PROFESSIONAL releases a collection of gel polishes in the Basic collection 7 ml. In addition to the optimal bottle volume for salon and personal use, the collection is distinguished by a selected palette of the most popular shades and a new attractive design that aesthetically complements the nail technician’s workplace.

Gel varnishes are highly pigmented and economical in consumption - “high-quality” rich color without gaps is achieved in two layers of application. The balanced consistency ensures comfortable application and does not cause any difficulties in working even for novice craftsmen.


Gel polish No. 110 P (PINK series) has an enamel texture, the color is strawberry and cream.


It is recommended to apply uniformly in two thin layers with polymerization of each layer in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, in an LED lamp for 30 seconds.

P 110 Gel Polish 7 ml

В наличии всего: 4 шт.

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