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P 90  Gel Polish   7 ml

The introduction of advanced technologies makes it possible to achieve impeccable quality of gel polish coating. KODI PROFESSIONAL produces a modernized collection of gel polishes of the main palette, the advantage of which is a completely new formula.

Basic Collection gel polishes provide a dense and even color coating when applied in two layers. The craftsmen are presented with 170 of the most popular and sought-after shades, segmented into series according to the color range of shades. Gel polishes are easy and neat to apply and do not smudge, and highly pigmented shades do not leave traces of pigment on the top brush after polymerization.


Gel polish No. 90 P (PINK series) has an enamel texture and tango color.


It is recommended to apply uniformly in two thin layers with polymerization of each layer in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, in an LED lamp for 30 seconds.


P 90 Gel Polish 7 ml

В наличии всего: 4 шт.

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