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PS 02 Gel Polish 7ml

The color of timeless, sophisticated classics, femininity and elegance. Versatile and charming, refined and possessing a special charm and tenderness. The new Pink Silk  collection of decorative coatings by the popular international brand KODI PROFESSIONAL is dedicated to the greatness of pink.

Gel polishes have retained the standard of their impeccable formula: they are easily applied in 2 thin layers, evenly distributed, do not smear to the nail walls and cuticles. The coating is densely pigmented and even, creating a perfect manicure.

Each bottle is equipped with a well-thought-out brush.

Color 02 PS is the most delicate shade of pink lavender with cool notes of grace. It is an ideal solution for independent coating, but also effectively complements any other manicure composition.


It is recommended to apply gel polish in two thin layers.


Polymerization: in a UV lamp - 2 minutes, in a LED lamp - 30-60 seconds.

PS 02 Gel Polish 7ml

В наличии всего: 4 шт.

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