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100-1042  Carbide drill bit, green,


Carbide (TVS) Formula Profi cutters are a high-quality professional tool for hardware manicure and pedicure techniques. The working part of the cutters is made of a particularly resistant and hard tungsten-carbide alloy with a nitrite-titanium coating. High-precision sharpening by diamond grinding. The cutters have high cutting properties and keep the sharpness of the notch for a long time.

Carbide cutters are made from a single piece. Larger models are welded. Perfect centering prevents the nozzle from beating and vibrating on the work surface. Strict control at all stages of production guarantees high quality and full compliance with technical requirements for each tool. TVS cutters Formula Profi are compatible with all types of salon devices and cutters.

Carbide cutters are especially useful when removing acrylic, gel layer to remove hardened areas, cutting out calluses, working with thickened nails, treating hyperhidrosis/hyperkeratosis.


Shape: straight
Head Diameter: 3mm
Head Height: 15mm
Abrasiveness: hard

100-1042 Carbide drill bit, green,

В наличии всего: 1 шт.

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