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BW 42  Gel Polish  7 ml

White and black are classics of the genre and the base from which all other colors originate. This contrasting and ultra-stylish combination was the inspiration for the creation of the Black&White themed line of gel polishes, which is rightfully considered the most popular by the Kodi Professional brand. The balanced formula guarantees high durability and comfort in work, provides a dense and even coating in just two layers of application. The texture of the gel polish is easy to spread with a brush, it does not streak or flow. The palette is constantly updated with new, trendy colors.

Gel polish No. 42 BW has a milky beige-pink color, a calm and mature base for your designs. Polymerization: We recommend even coating with 2 thin layers with polymerization for 120 seconds in a UV lamp or 60 seconds in a LED lamp.

BW 42 Gel Polish 7 ml

В наличии всего: 4 шт.

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