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DWCE-20-240/25w White papmAm files 25 pcs


Disposable white papmAm files (soft foam layer) on a wooden base EXPERT 20 240 grit (25 pcs)


  • The nail file is ready for use, and the technician does not waste time preparing the tool for work
  • Papmam EXPERT White innovative disposable files with high-grade abrasive provide high-quality filing of the nail plate
  • Soft foam layer decreases pressure on the nail plate
  • Thanks to safe ends made of kraft paper, it is impossible to injure the client with a nail file
  • Eco-friendly Woodpap wooden base made of birch wood, which makes the nail file more effortless and convenient to use
  • For single-use

DWCE-20-240/25w White papmAm files 25 pcs


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