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GY 39  Gel Polish  7 ml

The basic collection of gel polishes by the popular international brand Kodi Professional is the standard of modern, affordable and high-quality decorative nail coatings. For speed and convenience of choice, technologists have distributed gel polishes into thematic series according to the principle of color kinship.

The Green&Yellow line combines gel polishes of green and yellow shades with different color temperatures and varying degrees of saturation. Gel polishes perfectly demonstrate themselves in work, do not cause problems during application and polymerization, and also have good durability.

Gel polish No. 39 GY has a Light Green color, enamel texture.

Polymerization: We recommend even coating with 2 thin layers with polymerization for 120 seconds in a UV lamp or 60 seconds in a LED lamp


GY 39 Gel Polish 7 ml

В наличии всего: 4 шт.

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