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P 125  Gel Polish   7 ml

The versatility of the Pink collection of gel polishes by the popular international brand Kodi Professional is hard to overestimate. There are both gentle, airy shades of pink and bright barbie colors. Self-sufficient and deep shades are intertwined with sophisticated background colors of the coatings. And each of them deserves your attention.


Color No. 125 P - carmine pink with enamel texture. Unique in nature, reflecting audacity and symbolizing passion. It is easy to apply with the brush included in the bottle and simply polymerizes, maintaining impeccable durability throughout the wear.

Polymerization: We recommend even coating with 2 thin layers with polymerization for 120 seconds in a UV lamp or 60 seconds in a LED lamp.


P 125 Gel Polish 7 ml

В наличии всего: 4 шт.

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