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Easy Duo Gel Soft "Silk Cloud" Professional acrylic-gel system 35g

Professional acrylic gel system Easy Duo Gel Soft (colour: Silk Cloud), 35 g


Extending or strengthening nails is technologically not the simplest procedure that requires a lot of time, labor and skills of the master. However with the right choice of material, these nuances are completely leveled.

The revolutionary Easy Duo Gel polygel by the international brand Kodi Professional is the most advanced material of the new generation, which is a symbiosis of the best properties of acrylic and gel systems.   The product is easy to apply and distribute, does not harden in the open air and leaves time for the master to accurately model the shape and length. Polygel is very durable and resistant, while being easy to file.

The Soft line differs from the classic Easy Duo Gel in a softer texture. At the same time, now masters have access to an enlarged bottle of their favorite product with a volume of 35 ml.

Silk Cloud gel has a delicate milky pink shade that adds a touch of elegance to the manicure.  


Polymerization: 120-180 seconds in a UV lamp or in an LED lamp.


Easy Duo Gel Soft "Silk Cloud" Professional acrylic-gel system 35g

В наличии всего: 3 шт.

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