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Rubber Top Gel  35 ml

Rubber Top Gel, 35 ml - Kodi professional

Rubber Top Gel that is widely in demand by the nail masters are now presented in the volume of 35 ml - the most profitable for the professional use. Rubber Top Gel is a gel that is part of the artificial rubber coating system and is used at the final stage of the procedure.

Due to the high content of rubber fibers, this gel is characterized by an incredible plasticity, ensuring a long-term preservation of the gel coat in perfect condition. The use of this gel prevents formation of various types of damage and protects gel polish coating from the negative influence of environmental factors. The product also has an aesthetic function, giving the nails an ideal shine. Due to a balanced consistency, it is applied easily and evenly, it does not become matte. It has a dispersion layer.

The product is produced in a bottle with an updated design. Curing time: UV lamp 36W - 2 minutes; LED - 60 seconds. Easily removed with a special product Tips Off. Product form: bottle made of black frosted glass, volume 35 ml. Cap without brush.


Rubber Top Gel 35 ml

В наличии всего: 5 шт.

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