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Masque Rose Gel 14 ml UV

Modeling nails with gel solves many problems with nails and allows getting a flawless manicure for a long time. Thanks to modern materials, gel extension does not harm the nails, and allows correcting many imperfections of the natural nail plate.

The assortment of the KODI PROFESSIONAL nail direction includes gel systems for various purposes.

The MASQUE gel series is a three-phase gel system with camouflage properties. The color palette allows choosing the shade of the gel, which is as similar as possible to the natural nail plate. The medium viscosity and self-leveling properties of the gel allow for effortless modeling the shape of the nail. It can be used both to lengthen the nail bed, and on its own.

Cures in a 36 watt UV lamp in 2-4 minutes.

Apply  UV Gel Base before Masque Rose gel

Masque Rose Gel 14 ml UV


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