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Ultrabond (acid free primer) 15 ml

Ultrabond (acid-free primer), 15 ml


Ultrabond is a functional acid-free primer and an integral part of the gel polish manicure system developed by the popular international brand Kodi Professional. This product allows you to get a guaranteed reliable coupling of the base with the surface of the nails.

This significantly prolongs the wearing time of the manicure, keeps it flawless and minimizes the risk of peeling and cracking. In fact, an acid-free primer acts as a kind of “double-sided tape”, gluing the base to the nail and improving the quality of adhesion. It can be used when performing gel-polish manicure and in the process of building.

Ultrabond is safe for the nail plate, does not disturb its pH balance, and is characterized by a mild and gentle action. Does not contain methacrylic acid. Convenient brush, optimal texture and liquid consistency provide economical consumption and easy use, allowing you to cover the nail with a layer of the required thickness in one stroke.

Suitable for masters of all skill levels. It is recommended to use in combination with Nail Fresher KODI PROFESSIONAL degreaser.

Method of application:

squeeze out excess liquid on the bottle, apply it in a thin layer to the entire nail, without flowing on the cuticle and nail walls. Ultrabond activates in the open air within 20 seconds, leaving a residual stickiness and a slight sheen.

Contact with the skin and under the cuticle is undesirable (while it does not harm the nails) as it can provoke flowing of the base in these places, as well as the manifestation of an allergic reaction to individual components of the ultrabond is possible.


Ultrabond (acid free primer) 15 ml


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